HELLO. How was your cny and valentine’s day my friends? Collected lots of angpaos and still found time to spend with your significant other i hope? :3

Whoever said shopping ALWAYS made you feel better obviously lied. Cos i had no mood to shop for my cny clothes. Ended up buying a 70bucks romper and recycling one of my old clothes cos i simply could not be bothered about celebrations.

Which proved to be sucky cos my sister was well-prepared and she looked simply fantabulous while i look, well, like shit, HAHA. Nonetheless, i slapped on some makeup to make myself feel better. In which i have something to say, foundation FTW!

Recieved a surprising phone call from Jas. Met up with some beer and chatted, though short, but nonetheless heartening. Club soon babe!

Bbq with Joanne and her family last night. I think i went crazy playing with maine maine last night. And we failed miserably while studying today. Camwhore, sleeping, stoning. Most people would say a day wasted away but i honestly feel today was prolly one of the best days i’ve ever had in a long time. I mean, we had a whole empty house to ourselves and we were imagining all the fun stuff we were gonna do after graduation if the house is not rented out yet. OH MAN, we can even shisha!!!! HAHA

Talking about shisha, we need major shisha session soon. Mission: SSS

OH! I’ve found a part time job after graduation. YAY! Though it’s only for 3 weeks, but, at least i have a job and i’ll be earning some much needed cash.


1 thought on “SSS”

  1. HAHAHA!
    no shisha there, no no no. hell no.
    and yes, MISSION: SSS
    real soon! (:

    uhh. kinda confirm already.
    after exams we’ll be staying over if it isnt rented out! (:


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