“You’ll meet someone else, who will run his fingers through your hair. Someone who will hold your hand when you’re scared and who would do anything to make you smile. Someone who will love you back. Someone who will look at you and tell you that you’re beautiful. Someone who will want to take care of you.

And he will shrug it aside right now, if he thinks about someone else having you to call their own. Someone else having their hands on you. But when it all fades, when weeks or months or even years pass. When he is tired of other girls, of his friends and of everything else. Trust me, he’ll think of you, and it’ll be his turn to wonder about the what ifs. What if he’d never let you walk away? What if every detail of you stays with him forever? What if that was it? That was the peak, when everyone else said that someone better was out there… But he had just met his earlier than everyone else in his life?

He will think of every single thing that runs through your mind right now…and he will be scared. But boys will be boys, let them run free. Things will be different once they want to stop running.”


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