We’re only friends when you want to be.

I am freaking irritated by the piece of news Eugene gave me. Pissed off wouldn’t be the word. Annoyance maybe.

I like that girl but why did she have to go do such a thing. bitch bitch bitch. doesn’t she know what’s off limits?


Anyway, went prawning with Jas and Kenny yesterday. We caught 11 prawns and 1 fish! AWESHUM.

Bbqed them on the spot. My first time bbqing prawns. Pretty happy about it. hee.

At the start, we weren’t really doing that well. Caught like none for almost an hour. Then a couple gave us their worms and sua sua, we kept catching prawns after prawns after prawns. The worms saved the day!

A big thank you to Keefe for calling up and offering a ride home for me and my friends. You didn’t have to do that and you don’t know any of my friends but yet you were generous enough to pick us up. Thank you very very much. 🙂

Supposed to play mahjong today but everyone backed out at the last minute. WHICH ANNOYED ME FURTHER AFTER RECIEVEING NEWS ABOUT THE BLOODY HEART SHAPE THING. LIKE WTF CAN?!

I didn’t want to stay home so went down to Jie Qi’s house. So glad i did. Met her cute dog Oscar. :3

We had girl talk, etc. It was quite a nice feeling actually. Being over at a friend’s house and just laying there, sharing our past with each other. Getting to know each other.

And we found out that yes, the world is indeed small.

She was a Drum Major in Damai and she knows Beeyong, Muen, etc. Plus, her former classmate in secondary is currently dating my best friend, Xiaojun.

When we realised that, we were like, really shock. Somehow, everybody is just interconnected with each other in one way or another. Life’s strange isn’t it? heh.

Keefe called up like an hour ago to play mahjong cos they lacked of 1 person. Declined the offer cos i was real tired. Imma need to sleep.

Staying over at Xiaojun’s house tomorrow! Am so excited! Haven’t seen that stupid bitch in yeaaaaaaaaaaars man. I’m gonna be the princess and she’s gonna do my nails and give me a facial!


Plus we’re gonna watch movie and i d’know, snack and grow fat together? HAHA.

Meeting Jas before that. Which reminds me, i need to go reply her text, lol.


Catching a movie and might go shisha too? hurhur.

Excited siol.

Okayz, me need some sleep. Ciao me love.


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