Never kiss and tell.

Angel suddenly called me out for lunch and since i was free, we met up. Awesome day i had. 🙂

Had brunch at Just Acia and then we did some shopping at Ion, Borders@Wheelock, and Far East. She was literally on a shopping spree with her Charles&Keith shoes, top from Ion, and 2 new SEXY bras (HAHA!)

I so wanted to try on the red bra but i didn’t expect my pay to come in today, so i didn’t get it. Total regret. Now i have to make a trip down to Ion and get my braz. Oh wait, they have another outlet at Raffles! Maybe i’ll go raffles and check.

Anyway, i wanted to check if my pay came in and i went to DBS ATM to check. Wasn’t expecting any cash, and suddenly, TADAH!, i saw $$$$$. I was freaking happy la. My first ATM card. People, please bear with my excitement. (:

Angel said the first time she had an ATM card, she also reacted like me, so i’m normal, LOL.

She knows i’ve been searching for shoes so we walked around Far East. Couldn’t find anything that i liked though, and somehow, i ended up buying yet another jacket. meow.

So this week alone, i spent $60 on 2 jackets. This is the life manz.

Hooray, tomorrow is Wednesday! Trevis will be back from his cruise, i think.

I’ve just been so relient on him on the fact that whenever i’m upset, he’ll be the first person i text to. And i can always count on him to cheer me up, or give me a “wake up call”, or just plain advices.

I dread NS.

Who’s going to accompany me when i’m lonely, or upset, or just plain bored? Who’s going to pick up my 4am calls and not complain as i cry over the phone? Who’s going to hug me and tell me i’m the strongest lady he’s ever known? Who’s going to answer my text if i need somebody at that particular moment?

I really really hate ns.

Please don’t take Trevis away from me. Please God, not Trevis.


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