You’re my favourite.

Last minute arrangement for dinner with Y today. Went tamp and i brought the mountain tortise to try Popeyes for his very first time. HAHAHA. Really damn suaku.

I caught Ironman2! It was alright. Just a lot of talking and conversations going on which i couldn’t catch. But the fighting scenes were really good. (Y) The ending part was really funny i couldn’t stop laughing. heh.

And, the best way to kill time when you have extra time to spare before a movie starts? ARCADE!

Hahahahahhaa. Y tried to get a carebear for me with the kiapkiap machine. But the machine is such a cheater! He got it but when it rose up, the bear fell down. Made me happy for nothing cos i thought i was going to get a pink carebear, lol. I think i’m gonna go back tomorrow and get it. HAHA!

After movie, wanted to show suaku the rooftop garden at tamp1 so we walked up. And i realised that tamp1 has uniqlo. So, wanted to go and see if they sold heart-shape stockings.



When we went off, Y said Dylin winked at him and told him “all the best” or “good luck”. Well, something along those cheeky lines.

HAH. Thank god Dylan wouldn’t be working with me at HBT.


Tomorrow watching Backup Plan with Joanne&Eugene! And Thursday i need to go get my formal stuff for work and graduation. Friday going ice skating with loves. Saturday meeting my bitch♥! And Sunday imma going register BTT with Y.

Aweshum. Jam-packed week i must say. Now, all i need is to squeeze time to buy foundation. And nail polish remover. And many many more stuff. Oh, and i need to call Terrence about the job! Meowz.

Imma busy girl. peace out.


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