Lucky Lucky

Gained 2 happy kilos. 🙂 Honestly, ever since i’ve started working at HBT, i’ve eaten so much during work. At times, we have supper and a couple of drinks or two.

I blame football! Last Saturday was down at Keefe’s house with the usual. And we had supper at 401. Orh lua, hokkien mee, mee siam and carrot cake. OHMYGOD, sinful! I must say, the food at 401 is just so fucking awesome. I need to go satisfy my cravings for it again.

OH OH, i don’t think i ever got to telling you guys that i learned how to play DOTA. 🙂

Am so proud of myself. I can play dota! It’s actually pretty fun. Alot of teamwork and strategy. Supposed to play with the guys tonight but there’s shipment tomorrow and Thursday and i wanted to rest so headed home instead.

And and! I finally bought my favourite red converse high cut sneakers. YAY! 🙂

Plus, i think i’ve found the place for me to shop. Haji Lane (Y)

Honestly, all the stuff there are just so me. And i love the fact that they import a limited number so you won’t walk down the street and see someone wearing what you’re wearing.

But right now, a little broke cos been going out a lot, like really, A LOT, and i’ve been spending way too much.
I should consider bringing food from home just to save some cash. Or maybe eat maggie mee. -_-

Ahahahaha, oh well.

Anyways, tomorrow is Uruguay vs Holland. Need to go Lucky Plaza and have my Lucky Lucky Economical Rice, and then go buy bets from Lucky Singapore Pools from the lucky lady who has been serving me ever since i could ever remember. hurhur.



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