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I lost my boyfriend’s trust a couple of weeks ago. Things between us have been rough since then. I live day by day knowing that I could have avoided everything, knowing that it was all my fault. We’re trying to forget and get back on track, though sometimes it may seem like nothing changed.. I know we’re both hurting and scarred.

But.. I believe things happen for a reason. I believe that God places hard situations in people’s lives so that they may grow and learn from them. I believe He hurts us to prepare us for greater, better and harder things He has planned in the future. I believe what my boyfriend and I are going through.. are one of them. A relationship isn’t always going to be happy happy, it can’t be. God is testing our love for each other. He placed a battle in our lives, trying to see if we’re both willing to fight through all the pain and just be together. I don’t know what stage we’re currently in in the battle; we could be winning, losing, or simply making up.. all i know is that the number of arguements and disagreemens we face will never make me give up on him. I’m going to fight for us every single day, because I want him. I want him forever.

– Adpated by peachlovespenguins


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