We will not falter.

Keefe taught me how to drive the car again, hee! I stalled the car a couple of times but it sure was fun. and i think i’m slowly getting the hang of it. Like how holding the clutch down and then releasing it while at the same time pressing onto the gas blah blah.

It was honestly damn damn damn fun! i so can’t wait to pass my btt and ftt and try my hands on driving. 😀

Anyway, i finally recieved the jumpsuit that i bought from the blogshop! It’s a little too long so i think i might have to alter a little. WAHA! Time to do some shopping again~

Okay, time to hop back to bed. Meeting Keefe and Wendy later in the morning for breakfast at macs. Then we’re heading someplace for Keefe to shave his poor head. He’s enlisting tomorrow. ):

ON A POSITIVE NOTE, i might be going to hongkong at the end of the year! and maybe thailand too. YIPPEE!

But, i sure would miss Keefe. ):

And wendy would be away for a week as she’s going to taiwan. gah.

i guess i’ll be pretty free going straight home after work. (Y)


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