I need a getaway now.

Bitch. like seriously. BITCH.
ugh, tomorrow i’m all alone with you and that guy. blah. 2 days of torture! how will i ever survive it. ):

Just a million and one stuff to update but i’m so lazy. Bascially,

1. Keefe enlisted into the army last Thursday.
2. Wendy is leaving for Taiwan in the morning and she’ll only be back on Friday night.
3. Went to Lunar and Zirca for the first time. (it ain’t as bad as i thought it would be)
4. Bought a maxi dress! (:
5. Am throughly broke because of the maxi dress. ):
6. Dread going to work cos it’s a bore.
7. Going suntanning with Xiaopang! 😀
8. Attending Qian’s band concert. (fucking excited cos can see Qian and Jun and it has been a long time since i attended a band concert!)
9. Going ladies night with Wendy&Gaby. Trying to psycho Joanne too.
10. Trying to sleep by 12 but failing miserably.
11. Budget myself better.
12. Planning to go Genting, Batam and Hong Kong! (:

*13. Find a full time job.

I REALLY DREAD WORK. am totally not living, just immersing.


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