30 Day Music Challenge

12 – A song from a band you hate

Linkin Park – Numb

I used to like Linkin Park when i was young. I guess, there was just a lot of angst in it and it kinda just appealed to growing teenagers with lots of frustrations. Over the years as i started interacting with all kinds of people, i was exposed to more kinds of music and Linkin Park just didn’t go well with my tastebuds anymore. Still, amid all the loud music and screaming, you can still hear the meaning behind this song and i guess, reminds you that no matter what sort of genre it is, be it classical, rock, pop, indie, metal, etc, music is a form of expression and usually have a story behind it’s existence.

Well, that’s what i feel anyway.

I don’t hate Linkin Park. I think i just grew out of it, ya know what i mean? It was just a phase in my life. Linkin Park has a good lyrics, pretty darn good lyrics might i add on. It’s not those kind of Akon songs where he only sings about sex, drugs, and parties. Linkin Park creates music about what really goes on in people’s mind, what they’re really feeling.

So yeah, I don’t hate Linkin Park. But they’re just not one of my favourite band.


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