Back, for now.

Been too busy to blog these days. I don’t want to write boring stuff of what i did today, yesterday, and the day before. Or write about things that i’ll be doing today, tomorrow, and the day after. I want to write poety. Of rhyming words that don’t make sense to the normal people. These sentences come to me as i’m brushing my teeth in the morning. Or when i take a bath in the dead of the night. Or when i’m left to silence in the bustling bus to work.

Of course, none of these are formed for they clearly just swirl around my head in whirls of throbbing clouds and i dissipitate them the way the wind does on days it is filled with authority.

BUT. I will still share with everyone, though clearly there’s not much of an everyone on my blog, the mundane stuff of my life just because i don’t feel like talking about the exciting thoughts that are running through my mind.

As y’all should know, 2010 is pretty much coming to an end. It’s December, and mid-December might we also note. The reason why i haven’t much time to blog is pretty simple. It’s December, and there’s epic sales going on everywhere, and as i’m in the retail industry. This means: non-stop working.

I like December a lot. Christmas is coming so gorgeous lightings are hung all over Singapore. And after December, it’s the New Year which results in the end of a year and the beginning of yet another year. It is also during this timing when i feel like sometimes life moves way too fast for me to ever catch up with it. And i sit down and contemplate where 365 days went without me knowing, yet again.

I’m looking forward to the other half of December. There’s just so many plans to make, so many events that’s gonna take place, so many places to visit, so many things worth celebrating and being thankful for. As of right now, i’m already looking forward to a Christmas Eve celebration with my colleagues, and of course an outing to absolutely no idea where we want to go with K. And i’m heading to Malaysia, like finally, and i hope to eat A&W. heh.

With all that said, i’m still mostly eggcited for the BKK trip in Jan. (: Which would result in Keefe’s 21st birthday followed my mine and then my grandmothers’ and CNY. It is quite an exciting moment before the Tiger year (ROAR) comes to an end.

So how am i? I am pretty punched up for the weeks ahead that will lead to a whooping finale as this whole year comes to an end.

To top it off, i deleted my fb and tumblr account. Of course, initally i wanted to delete this blog too. Frankly, i just feel so caught up in a world where everyone seems to know my every step. So, to save my soul and my privacy, i did what i told would be best for me in the long run. With fb, i checked Jaslyn’s wall on a regular basis. Sometimes, it upsets me and i get all moody and in such a crying frenzy. So, i deleted it.

Of course, no one really knows why i did it. I just tell them that it’s boring. But, for every action, there is always a cause. And for someone like me, when i do something, there is always a reason behind it. Of course, at times to people these reasons seems like bullshit. But if you actually knew me as well as you thought you did, you’ll understand.

This blog is all i have for now. And my twitter. But honestly speaking, i want to delete their existence too.

Maybe i just want to be away from the outside world for once. To lose total contact and just be by myself with people who are important to me through the old school methods like phone calls, or letters.

I guess Jaslyn’s death just showed me that when you die, stuff like facebook and blogs aren’t very important anymore. Yes, they hold dear memories but that’s all they’ll ever be. They’re just for lazy people who aren’t sincere to draft out sentences with their own bare hands. Handpicking their own paper with matching inks. And i guess that’s what i really want, so i’m heading for that direction. Maybe, all i really want is to be awakened with phone calls in the morning, to stand by the door awaiting for the mailman’s arrival, and just snuggle up in bed with nothing but a good book and a kiss on the forehead.

Till then,


1 thought on “Back, for now.”

  1. cheer up la babe! I believe there are people out there, being with you with every steps of life, be it happy or sad. Just remember, you’re amazing, just the way you are. And there are sure things that u can think of rather than the bad stuffs like your overseas trip! keep yourself occupied and dont think so much aite? (:


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