30 Day Music Challenge

26 – A song that you can play on an instrument

Bert Appermont – Gulliver’s Travels

I played this song during my BVCB years as our chosen piece for SYF2005. (: Those memories were definitely good ones. We used to stay back practically everyday just doing sectionals and practicing as a whole band. It definitely brought everyone together. Even till now, i am still madly in love with band. The wholehearted practice to achieve perfection and that moment during your performance.. I always loved those moments when i was on stage. That breathless feeling as we sit quietly and all eyes are on us. The moment when we take one breath together and start on one note together. Then the different melodies that come out to form music. Band, bass clarinet, my clarinet section, bvcb, tpband.

Once a bandster, always a bandster. Never has there been a sentence so true.

As a note, this wasn’t played by our band. They kinda suck truth be told. :X


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