30 Day Challenge

Day 8: Your favourite teacher that you’ve ever had.

I had this teacher when i was Primary 5. His name was Mr Pretheep. Everyone loves him because his classes were ALWAYS fun. He told us loads of stories and i remember how all of us loved him to bits. Strangely, he made me a Prefect during that year. I recall feeling rather confused, as i was never the type to have much leadership within me. I told Mr Pretheep about my doubts, and he told me this, “i see potential within you. you just need a little push to the right direction for you to shine.”

I think that was the first time i started living.

Many people constanty put me down. Even till now, i have close friends who scorn what i am capable of doing. It hasn’t taken away my confidence, but in some ways, it has taken away that faith in me. That people, no matter how close one is and how nice they can be, can sometimes throw such harsh words at you, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Nevertheless, i have made great friends who believe in me more than i do so myself. Thanks for this love guys. You know who you are, (:


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