Currently have a permanent smile on my face.

Started full time work last week. Am working as a Secretary for an Architecture firm, and boy must i say, it has been an enjoyable time so far. Maybe it’s just the start so i’m not feeling the stress yet? Whatever it is, i’m glad to finally be holding a proper job with a regular income earning sufficient cash for my current status.

How has everyone been lately?

Not too long ago, met up with the lovely Poly clique Joanne, Rellien, Angel, Fabian cum company etc for a night of partyin’ mayhem at St James.

It brought me back to the time when i had my virgin club night on Jas’s birthday. We both got shit drunk that night, a stark difference on the recent St James cos i was sober the entire night. heh.

On other news, my PT is on 14 May! FYI, PT is the practical test for driving. Am shooooooo eggcited and nervous. :3 Didn’t have much confidence at the beginning. Was always stalling, couldn’t control steering wheel and changing of gears. I even had trouble with the clutch! But all’s well. Am doing pretty okay on the road. Hope to start learning parking soon, hee.

This week is a punched-packed week! Filled with tons of people to meet! And even though we’re not as close as we used to be, i do miss my 3 awesome friends; Malia, Kaising & Beeyong.

& i really ♥ my mummy! (:

Plus good times, with aweshum people.



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