Such a heavy heart.

So young, so ignorant, so unaware, of the pain and suffering one will go through in the unknown future. I can’t remember how it felt like when I was young; to be oblivious to the tumultuous troubles everyone around me faced. With each passing day, my steps get heavier, till the point it is dragged and pulled like one does when lugging a log. My mind is on overload as I wonder how some people could be jumping with such joy while on the other side of the earth, someone is in such despair.

Today is Jaslyn’s 8th month death anniversary. I can’t stop the tears flowing, I never could. I don’t know how can there be billions of people on this earth who go on with life as per normal when my friend is dead. Why is it that time never waits for a friend, for a lover, for a parent, for a person.

Pointless, to the brink of hopelessness.

I miss you.


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