Blackbird, Fly TLR Camera


When i first took interest in toy cameras, this was the #1 on my wishlist. It costs dreadfully expensive though, 😦 so under the advice of jun, decided to opt for the cheap lomo ($15 nia) toy cam HAHA.

Finally sent my first batch of lomo photos to develop (after like whut, more than half a year?) & i’m really excited to see how it turns out! 😀 (note to self: please remind mom to pick up the photos tmr) 2nd batch is also pretty exciting cos i took shots of the zoo and also at joanne’s party. heh. eggcited much.


HAHA. yeah. cheap deals. #cheapthrills

Found a Blackbird lookalike but for like half the price for what i initally found! It’s prolly the same luh, all toys and also lomo. Tempted to get it. hee.

Maybe after getting that Lomo Twin Lens, I can finally start saving for an Instax Wide. :B (extreme right)

Or maybe i should opt for a Holga instead? Since I don’t have one. :3

But i’m really confused about this Diana cam that i’ve recently heard about. need to do some research yo cos i just found a Diana Hello Kitty cam LOL.




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