Friday, October 24, 2008

Friendship is like a china bowl
Once broken, it cannot be mended whole
Although mended looks like new
But the lines will always be in view

I finally got to talk to him and even though it ain’t the words i wanted to say,
I have finally decided to let go.
It takes 2 hands to clap. I tried my best. I guess the time is still not ready.
Maybe one day?
I’ll pray to God everyday to send my prayers to you.
Hopefully you’ll hear them.
It takes maturity and willingness for both parties to come to terms and deal with the real issue.
I guess i’m just not that mature, and you just not that willing.
Time will tell. Time will heal.
I’ll get abit sad, I’ll get abit emo, I’ll get abit lonely, and i’ll definitely feel cold without your warm.
Maybe this is a test to our friendship.
Maybe one day we’ll look back and laugh at how we used to be.

I think it really takes God more than anything else.
To put away all the past hurts and to move onto a new phase in life altogether.
Forgiveness plays a big part in establishing the friendship again.
When we are able to let go and forgive, then everything else seems to be easier to bear.
And forgiveness itself takes God to bring through.
Sometimes even with forgiveness, you don’t get the same friendship back.
But in forgiveness itself, you have already let go of all your burdens and even if the other party is unwilling to, you can move onto the next phase in your life without unneccesary burdens.

– Adapted from Erina

I wrote this when i was 18, when i got my heart broken so badly every breath i took felt like a miliion knives piercing through me. I lost not only a boyfriend, but also a bestfriend. But you see? That’s me.

I fall. and then i rise. I get pushed. and yet i rise. I want to die. But i always rise. always.

because when i was 18, Trevis told this to me while i cried on his shoulder by the beach, “you’re a strong lady Erina.

I never forgot those words. I fall. but i remember those words, and i rise again. For the people around me, for loved ones, for myself.


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