.. & in that moment , I swear we were infinite.

Clarissa is going down for HB Bazaar interview with Joe tmr. Nostalgia waves upon me as i remember how i started out there. Joanne roped Rellien and i in and Rellien stayed for like, a day? hahahahaha

Met Jie Qi at Ladies Bazaar and then we had so much fun at Mens Bazaar. I fondly remembering bickering with Joanne in front of a customer once cos we both wanted to dine with Sky. LOL. in the end i opted for Yanzhang (awesomely cute eyecandy yo) and i made really great friends there like Dilah, and co.

Was roped into HBT while Joanne went to Orange and ohmy, that was the beginning of real good times. 🙂

Always epic shagged but wow, amazing time. With the girls at the ladies (i love Shu very very much!) and Alan, Eric, Pete, Wendy, Keefe and co. I confess i love doing shipments. esp when Prince came to do VM. teehee

nomnom. I lovie dovie my friends. :>


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