Better run better run, outrun my guns.

What a busy December this has been!

Heading to Genting this weekend. Can’t. Wait. Yo. This is the retreat I have been waiting for, oh 2011, this soul is tired much.

Kinda excited, yet fearful, cos it’s my first trip with K’s family. + relatives. Simply dreadful at the idea that I’m the only outsider. Oh well. I’m still pretty sure it’ll rock, heh. *shuffles*

Anw! Christmas is coming! *squeals* I’m super excited for eve cos imma planning to take Jun for a high tea buffet as her birthday prezzie. We heart good food yo. Maybe it’s the Christmas spirit? Giving back to people who has given you so much during 2011. ❤

Oh! I'll be heading to Jerry's BBQ and grill tmr yay! Namsiang is treating us to a dinner woohoo. But truth be told, Maine and I are forever feeling so guilty because our uncle Aunty dote on us so so much and always pay for everything. :< why my colleagues so nice one. Meh

Speaking of which, have been hearing tons of worrisome stuff from my friends who are facing some friendship/ relationship problems. I always feel so useless & helpless when it comes to such stuff. Why can't our lives just be a lot more simpler? Why can't I be a person who is able to help rid everyone off their sadness and misery?

Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I was strong enough to carry the weight of everyones trouble onto my shoulder. Leave the burdens to me, I'll protect y'all.

Nonetheless, do cherish the good friends you have around you, before it's too late. I seriously don't know how to stress and emphasize on that. Not just friends, but family too. Because life is so fragile and everything can change within 10 seconds of anyones life.

It makes me so happy when friends make an effort for our friendship. Sparing time to meet up despite the hectic schedules, it's all about the effort and the appreciation of that effort which maintains a healthy friendship. 🙂 oh, and a sincere heart. Mad love it when people text me to meetup. ❤

It's 15 days till the new year, babycakes. Have a great weekend. X


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