Burn out, don’t fade away.

Technology is so advanced these days that you don’t need to speak the words “I love you” to get your message across. Now, you can text, tweet, whatsapp, bbm, fb message, whatever not, to communicate with anyone regardless of the distance between you all.

What happened to the good’ol romance of yesteryears? These days, you can hardly find a painstaking hand-written letter.

Me? I’m a modern woman. I’m not the kind of submissive woman who bows down to her “fate”. Or the kind of woman you’ll expect to bring home, marry, have kids. I live life by my standards, making my own choices, and I don’t believe in marriage.

But. I am still a diehard romantic what it comes to romance. I like to receive flowers (even tho I make a huge fuss whenever I receive them. I’m not being a hypocrite but I think flowers are a serious waste of $$!). I like surprises, whether big or small. I like to receive goodmorning text messages. I like when a guy opens the door for me (nowadays like no more tho. Meh). And, I love and appreciate when a guy takes the time to pen down a few heartfelt words just because he believes our relationship is more than just text messages and phone calls.

I like to tell my friends how my future husband has to propose to me on a yacht with fireworks, etc etc. Truth be told, if someone wrote a long letter to me on how much he loves me, and at the end pens these few words,

Will you marry me?

How can you not agree, no?

Love is more than 3 words. It’s more than sex. It’s more than promises. More than forever. And it’s more than a ring around your finger.

It’s the effort, the time taken. The appreciation. The fact, not evidence, that love is more than what you see immediately, but takes time to reveal itself.


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