Let’s say goodbye, let’s talk hello.

The end. And this is how our story begins. Closing a chapter, to start on a new beginning.

New years can be so cliche.

“Hey made your resolution yet?”

“Wow, how time flies.”

“2011 sucks. Please be nice 2012.”

Everywhere, we see people updating such fb status, tweeting, blogging, texting, even speaking such words.

When you start growing older, you know resolutions never work out. They’re just upbeat words you say to pacify yourself that there’s always tomorrow. But we know, tomorrow never comes.

Time doesn’t fly. Time fucking walks. But we are often so caught up in the past and future to fully appreciate the present. So when we finally do, we wonder where all the time went. True story.

& well. I don’t know for you, but my year fucking rocks all the time. The only time it sucked was in 2010 and that was cos Jas committed suicide. But when I say 2011 has been amazing, I really mean it.

Tho cliche,

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012.

Here’s to the future, because I’m done with the past.


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