The Little Prince

Just done with this book. It’s a book for kids but apparently, it’s widely popular with adults too. It IS the world’s most translated french book. Found this rather interesting, and I finally laid my hands on it. Reading was a breeze. Written in simple english with oddly drawn pictures, i was immediately captivated from the very first page.

What blew me away was the fact that this book was more than meets the eye. You have to read between the lines to fully comprehend the author’s idea.

In summary, the author was trying to accentuate how we humans spend so much time chasing tangible items like money and career and placing them at the forefront and using these as a indicative measurement of our worth in this short time on earth which we today call, life.

He also touched on alcoholism. How we often portray ourselves as pitiful, sorrowful human beings, and drowning it all in sorrow when really, whatever upsets us, is just us. Yes us. Our inability to forgive ourselves for the mistakes we make so we harp on it all the time, everyday. & then toast to drunkenness as the bane of our existence.

I like how the author portrayed love as a rose. There are thousands and millions of roses and they all look the same to the naked eye. But when you “tame” a rose, and it becomes yours; you water it daily, protect it from harm, talk to it.. a bond is forge and suddenly, this rose which looks alike to any other rose, is no longer the same and can never compare to YOUR rose.

We adults, have now forgotten what it means to live. Money, status, careers. We work half our lives away so we can satisfy our materialistic wants. But we should never forget that little child in us. The ever curious little thing. Our passion. Love.

I hope in 2012, we will all live a little braver. We will have strength to love with all our heart. And have the courage to chase for our passion. Because nothing is more important than living life straight from the heart.

You can only see things clearly with your heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye.


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