30 Days!

Day 07- A picture of someone/something that has a big impact on you

Mom & Dad ♥

They’ve been there for me throughout my entire life. Guiding me, building me up, showering me with tremendous love, care and concern. I have disappointed them with my wilfulness, stubbornness, and even my unpredictable temperament; which has caused much undesirable unhappiness over the last 22 years. But yet, they still believe, and continue to have faith in me.

I am not big on emotions. Never liked to share much of my worries/ troubles with people because I have a hard time expressing my feelings thru verbal words. But they understand that about me, and give me a lot of room to grow in my own special way. Offering words of advice, a listening ear, and providing as much as they possibly could, be it physically or emotionally.

Without the both of them, I wouldn’t be who I am right now. I wouldn’t have the strength to pick myself up after every fall. I wouldn’t be a lot of things, without them.

Thank you mummy & daddy for all these years of tender love and faithful support in me. In return, i hope to take care of you for the rest of my life.

ily; always have, always will


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