Live Fast

Have always been rather suicidal and depressed, especially after J’s death. Felt like the world owed me a thousand and one reasons for all these unhappiness and at times, have wished it would all just come to an end.

Over the last few weeks/ months, I have been giving thanks for the good & happy things in my life. Even if it had been an outright terrible day; as my head laid down to rest, I would reflect my actions for the day and come up with at least one thing to be thankful for.

Seems like a laughable thing to do? Sorry, but it has saved my life. =)

Every morning, I wake up thankful for my family. As I am squashed like sardines on public transportation, I thank for having 2 legs to stand. When greeted with a pile of work to sift thru for the day, I am thankful for being able to hold a job and earn my own income. And the list goes on…

Because of this, I wake up with more reasons to pop a champaign and celebrate life than to hold a knife to my throat depending for sympathy.

There’s a saying that goes, “Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits.

How true, no?

So many times our thoughts manifest and eats into our daily life, controlling our very thoughts and life per se.

So today, what are you thankful for? Are you really living life to the fullest, are you appreciating all beauty that surrounds you?

My life has changed for the better. & it will only get better. 😉

Some people I’m thankful for. =)






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