30 Days!

Day 21- A picture of something that makes you happy


Martell. 🙂

Nothing like a glass of Martell to kickstart the weekend, ease the stress from the week. Nothing like Martell that leaves me plastered with a silly smile on my face.

Just a side story, I didn’t start off liking Martell immediately. Didn’t like the strong alcoholic taste that sends a burning sensation from the throat right down to my stomach.

I have a friend, P, who swears by Martell. He is (maybe was) also my drinking buddy. And whenever we drink, well, it’s definitely: Martell.

And that’s really how I came to love the taste, and aftertaste/effects of this particular beverage.

The way it blurs my senses, sending all thoughts reeling to the back of my head. Especially during those rough times; it helps forget I exist.

All these are the past anyway. And let’s just say, Martell has been with me thru my ups and downs. But one thing remains: the silly smile it leaves me after the 4th cup. Hahahaha


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