Interesting Gift Ideas for Christmas


Kebo Bottle Opener

Nostalgically recalling a 1930s soda shop, the Kebo bottle opener was developed by South Carolina–based architect and designer Rush Dixon. With Kebo, you can open any long-neck bottle with just one hand; just place it on the bottle cap, insert your thumb into the circle, and squeeze. Each opener comes in its own keepsake tin.


Modern Twist Placemats

This line of food-grade, hand-screened, silicone placemats includes a 12” x 16” KIDZ line that are filled with child-friendly scenes by contributing artists that can be doodled on with washable or dry erase markers and wiped clean again with a damp cloth.


UM Shoulder Bag

This form of this bag, designed by Josh Jakus, takes its form using only one piece of industrial felt and a zipper. When unzipped, the bag lays completely flat for storage or travel. Made in California.

(via Architectural Record)


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