The world is a book.


Sometimes life feels like a merry-go-round. You keep walking, moving forward only to be faced with a setback and realise you’re back where you started.

And you’re tired, and you want to sit down and cry. Maybe throw a tantrum. Or scream at someone in the face. Make them understand the pain you’re going thru. The frustrations. The anger. The sadness. The empty hollow feeling that lingers even after 5 shots of tequila and you’ve long passed out.

But I want you to know that it’s not where you’re headed to that matters. It’s not the destination. Not how fast you get there, not the shortcuts that matter.

No matter how long it takes, how long you have to spend sitting by the side mending your broken heart. I want you to remember the way the carousel sings you to sleep. The way the light shines, guiding you.

Keep walking, because it’s not where we’re headed to that matters. It’s the journey, the trials we meet along the way. The people who hold us together when we fall apart.

So that when the music stops, and our carousel comes to an end; we had fun and lived the best we could.

Three cheers to that,



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