For my beloved Jun

Digging thru my thumbdrive and I found this letter dated 28 May 2009. I apologise for my terrible english. The stupid things you did when you’re young.

For my beloved Jun, may our friendship be like God. Not there physically but there emotionally.

When I was young, I believed that there was this one true best friend that I would find. She would understand me and our friendship would be the strongest. I was always searching for this one true best friend.

I would find a friend and we would become close friends, some even best friends. At that point, I would proclaim that person as my one true best friend. But due to some reasons, we would lose contact and our friendship, like the wind, blown away, became fond memories.

One day I met Jun. To tell you the truth, I didn’t really like her. She was too enthusiastic, too noisy for my taste. But slowly, our friendship started to form. It was an unplanned friendship. I had Clariss. She had Weining. Due to some circumstances, we became best friends.

Our bond grew stronger day by day. One day, I finally decided that I’ve found my one true best friend. That person was Jun. Strange things happen to us together, I can’t explain it to you but Jun will understand. We fell in love together (though not same person but they were close friends too), we experienced friendship problems together, we almost had to go through a divorce together (hope you don’t mind that I blog about it). It was like whatever happens to me will happen to her too, and vice versa. Up until now, we still experience this.

We also seem to be able to read each other’s thoughts. This Jun will only understand too. Or if you have a best friend, you should be able to understand it. It’s like without talking; I know what she wants, how she feels.

But one day, everything changed. I felt that we were growing apart, our bond gone. Jealousy was the reason. I was disappointed. I thought she was the one true best friend. At that point, I decided that I had thought wrongly, that you were not the one, the one true best friend.

Confused and hurt, I wrote a poem and blog it, hoping you’ll read it and understand how I’m feeling. You did and you showed me so much concern; I was so touched. Unspoken words that we never said came tumbling out; we managed to work things out. Remember the tug on the right means… =D

It was then that I realized something. How stupid I was. There is such a thing as one true best friend but it wasn’t as what I thought to be; A flawless, beautiful friendship.

YOU made me realize that a friendship doesn’t end when something wrong happens. YOU made me realize that a strong friendship is a result of many reasons, e.g., understanding, patience, thoughtfulness. YOU made me realize that I really had found my one true best friend. YOU.

Everything happens for a reason. That’s our life motto ya? Thanks so much for always being there for me. Through my happy times like giving jelly to Stripes. (: Through sad times like my break up with Chih Hao. Without you, I don’t think I would have been able to survive through those difficult times. When I break down and cry, you give me hope for the future. Encouraging me on; you may not know it but every time you encourage me, I feel motivated to continue living.


I’m really willing to walk the difficult path with you, no matter what. Till we old. We stay as remain.


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