It’s toxic. It all is.

I wonder if we are just animals. Going after our instincts when our judgment is blurred by intoxication. What sets us apart? The ability to choose for marriage and monogamy? To choose one person and forsake all others? That is, until you find yourself six years on in a gritty beer garden with your lips on a brand new pair of lips.

What sets us apart? The shame in the morning? The guilt? The sense of right and wrong? Of knowing what’s better or worse? When an animalistic desire to kiss someone you shouldn’t kiss kills your promise and desire to do good to the person you married, what does it all come down to? What sets him apart?

Someone Else’s Husband, Thought Catalog

Marriage, like relationship overwhelms me all the time. I have seen too many cases of cheating, have been in one, to ever fully let my guard down with any man I’ve ever shared my body and soul with.

People can be so disappointing. It’s always better to be alone…


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