Give me something real, or give me nothing at all.

At the point in my life where I am stuck at an equilibrium. I am not sure if this is the calm before the storm, or I have braved through the storm and this is the peace dispensed from the aftermath.

I guess this mostly stems from the fact that I am no longer in denial. Come face to face with the cold hard truth.

That I am overwhelmed with strong, passionate feelings for a man whom I’m not destined to be with. Who tells me upfront that you and I can never be us; and I am not sure if I am thankful for his honesty or heartbroken by words uttered from lips I long to get lost in.

I am astounded by my emotions for him. Like the way a baby sees a butterfly for the first time. Fearful for the unknown yet captivated by the pure essence of its beauty.

The precarious feeling of holding something so fragile and precious in ones hands; afraid yet in awe of the power you have over something that flutters among the sunshine and flowers.

But right now I am contented. Contented that tho life never goes the way you want things to, you’re alive and that’s a miracle.

Because in my eyes, you are a miracle. And I will love you as long as my fragile heart do.


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