I would never trade anything or anyone for you.


Many of our friends have looked at us and exclaim “I do not believe you guys have not dated/ are not dating.”

This sentence is so common I am actually immune to it. Really.

It can be rather hard to believe that T and I have managed to build a platonic friendship between opposite sexes, and yes, have lasted for more than a decade, and yes have not fucked each other tho I do admit sexual tensions do occur at rather unseemly moments.

But. Yes there’s a catch. I would like to clarify that our friendship was solely based on a mutual trust and respect in which we have discussed that friendship is gold you see. And our friendship was much too precious to ever develop it further to see it get burned away in the event that we both got together and broke up.

Of course many people proclaim “Life is full of surprises, who knows what might happen in the future!”

In which I do admit that yes, life plays cruel tricks to us. At times toying with our feelings like we don’t exist. And if we ever did get together I would be most pleasantly surprise. But right now, I am most delightful to have him as both my pillar of strength and confidant.

And you my boy, is and always will be someone I treasure till my very last breath.

Yours truly,


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