The best things in life aren’t things.

The last few weeks have been feeling strangely…. empty and hollow.

Been working on filling the void by distracting myself with music, and words, and occasionally art. But my mind gets distracted and I fall back into the pattern.


Spent the last 2 days in the comfort of a friend’s love. She cooked a lovely meal and while watching her cook, I stood by the window and felt the emotions trickle in droplets of haphazard broken words.

There was a nice breeze. The leaves swaying in rhythmic movement. Sunlight streamed in through grilled windows. Her voice floated round the kitchen. A soft voice, a comforting voice I’ve learned to cave into over the last decade.


I can’t remember what I was thinking. But they were happy thoughts. I smiled to myself. She caught me smiling. We laughed.


Sometimes we forget how a word of concern can help someone feel less lonely in this world. How a hug transcends across boundless love in a single frame. That sometimes the best gift we can ever give and receive in this world, is love.

Love love and more love. May we be filled with more love everyday. May we open our eyes to fill our lives with love.

One day, you and I, we will meet. And I will love you with my entire existence. Because you deserve nothing less than the best.

Till then,


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