This too shall pass

Browsing thru fb photos and I feel really happy as I came across old faces of people whom were once a part of me. And though we’ve long drifted to our own lives, I feel strangely contented to have shared a part of my life with them.


Recently met up with an old friend I haven’t seen/spoke to in ages. I was a tad surprised to receive a call out of the blue; but it was a lovely surprise to know that I haven’t been forgotten.

My amazing friend whom once cracked the most wittiest & lamest joke now seems rather beaten & broken down as she withstands the harshest of conditions surrounding her.

Flashbacks of J crept past my eyes as I thought of how she never sought my help and took her life. I think that was the saddest part; to feel like I’ve been forgotten because she never thought to turn to me when she felt like no one could understand.

Nonetheless, my dear friend. You are lovely and amazing and beautiful and you deserve nothing but the best. Never forgot that. I will be here for you the best that I can give.

Thank you for not forgetting me. And you are unforgettable and irreplaceable, don’t ever doubt that.

I’ll see you soon. x


She sowed a seed of faith
In hopes that when it rain
Her garden bloomed of love

– Starstrukk (2013)


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