The Red

When hurt turns red and a piece of your heart is missing. When the cold bites deep and you’ve got that feeling like you just got out of surgery. When the only way to stay sane is to concentrate on anything else but how you feel. When you count the tiles in the ceiling. When you push the earphones closer. When the first day of winter arrives. When you remember every nuance of every word of every time. When all this happens.

Embrace it. Feel every feeling. Cry every tear. Sob every sob. Because this is what it feels like to have loved.

(via IWTFY)


I will hold your hand and we will walk thru this together. I promise better days will come but I can’t promise it will be easy.

Some days you will feel like you’ve woken up to a knife pierced thru your heart. Other days you wish you had the guts to do just that.

I’m sorry I can’t say much but cry. And I’m sorry if I’m silent when you want some words to help you ease by.

Oh look, I’m crying behind this cold hard screen. Again. These days.

I guess when you cry, a part of me dies inside.

I love you, your smiles, your beauty, flaws and all. Always remember that.



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