Fragile existence

Sometimes I lay on my sofa in a daze and conjure memories of Jas and I. I ponder on my existence and wonder at times if I should offer my spot on Earth to someone much deserving. Who might and probably will cherish life and live it to the fullest, unlike the wasted space I have become.

There are approximately 5.3 million people scattered all over Singapore. In a strange stroke of luck and fate, our paths crossed and chemistry bound us together.

You were the eyeliner girl pursuing the high; I was the learner in awe of your porcelain fragility. The words strewn effortlessly off the tip of your tongue marvelled many but your heart was a foreign language most never took a step to sit in with.

You are so cold, and you reside deep within my heart. And the spot where you stay is numb.

We all have one life but I guess some of us die twice.


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