stay alive

A couple of days back, I was on the rooftop. And I could jump. It was such a simple act. Lifting one leg out and letting gravity takes it course.

And at that split second of pushing myself off the edge I found something greater than gravity.

My family, my friends, my career, my education, my dreams. Him. All these; they are my gravity, my roots who hold me sturdy to the ground whenever my thoughts take flight.

I have so many words left unsaid I will never have enough mouths or fast enough tongues to tell each and everyone of you how appreciative I am of you all.

To die for someone?

Or to live for someone?

The latter sounds better but.

Live because:

I believe someone out there is still alive only because of your existence. Because of your support, your love, your being. And you might just be a speck of dust in an evolutionary world but believe me when I say you are the pieces of kaleidoscope that when assembled together form an intricate beauty of various forms.



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