delicate elegance

Learning to open my doors to love and learning to see it seamlessly weave in and out.

I think the biggest lesson we will ever learn is that people are not objects, neither is love nor hatred. And when we learn that nothing is permanent, we understand that the load of burden we carry in our hearts is often an imagination we project to exist.

Being beautiful, both inside and out, should not require deliberate actions and instead come effortlessly like breathing. When you are beautiful from within; it shines off your eyes, it slips out your mouth like a lopsided grin, a wrinkled nose fond by many.

Love is no different. When you love inside, it fills you up like a well. Spilling out all over the pavement, giving life to the living, a sense of relief.

I guess sometimes it gets overwhelming. Seeing all the love you have bursting its banks, feeling like the love you give never equates to the love you make. Appalled that people take and leave without a thought of looking back.

But as long as we remember that love is not an object of barter. That sometimes what you give slips in as a different form; that is the most precious lesson life will ever teach.

I am still learning, and I will continue learning. That is the beauty of life, and the beauty of our minds.

But the most beautiful of all is love. Watching it pass through me to shower love to another, like a connect the dots game you played when you were young, remember?

“Never forget”, He said.

So I looked inside and found beauty in me to love.


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