My initial plan for when I turned 25 was to buy a one-way ticket out of Singapore. To anywhere, to somewhere; the destination is not the key factor.

Of course my dad’s illness meant a total 180 degrees change of plans.

In short, you can map out your entire future ahead of you but most times, life just intercepts and cuts your dreams short.

I wouldn’t say that I have entirely given up on my dream. I am indeed headed to Japan for 2 weeks on my 25th birthday. Maybe life just needs me to be home a little longer before I embark on wherever I should be next.

Last week at school, my lecturer mentioned that “successful leaders surround themselves with intelligent people”.

It is indeed inspiring to surround oneself with passionate and dynamic individuals. It gives you a sense of motivation, and a mark to which you continuously work hard to achieve.

Fresh perspectives, innovative ideas.

Take flight, for the world awaits you.


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