i used to be the kind of person who took each day as it comes.

i never had any concrete plans, and tend to just follow with the flow.


the last two years pursuing my degree has led me to people who are constantly pushing me to be the best i can be.

their determination and their drive has inspired me to set goals and pursue them courageously.


i found courage to leave my job, and bought a ticket to travel Japan alone. something i’ve always wanted to do but repeatedly cooked up excuses and alas, have wasted much of my youth.


sometimes you are on top of the world, and sometimes you are below it.

i learnt that following your dreams meant leaving the people you love behind, leaving your comfort and what you are accustomed to; but push all that fear away and venture forwards in faith.


this doesn’t mean that you are all alone in this battle.

often, you will find a warm smile or a gentle hug offered when you least expect it.

the occasionally friendships built on happenstance and you rejoice at how big the world is yet how some people manage to fleet right into your life.


where will i be a year from now?

i do not know.

but i do hope i will pursue my dreams and goals relentlessly for the year ahead.

because life is an adventure.

and as often, you fall in love when you least expect it.



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