Tokyo, Japan – Kuramae & Asakusa

Scooted off in the wee hours of the morning. 9 hours of flight with an hour of transit in Taipei. Stumbled into Narita Airport with an oversized luggage, got stopped at customs by a courteous officer who did a thorough check of my luggage.

My first fleeting conversation in Japan and already feeling the thrill course through my bones.



Got lost in Tokyo Station for an hour because I couldn’t find the right train. Laughed at myself when I realised I was at the wrong station. Dragging a 15kg luggage up and down the stairs, I have never felt more alive.

Mapped my way to my accommodation but decided on a detour since I was hungry.


FIREHOUSE was well worth the time and effort. Located just a 5 minutes walk from Hongo-Sanchome Station, I ordered a Mozzarella Mushroom Burger and was immediately blown away by its sheer brilliance. But how could I have expected anything less? We’re in Japan people.

The bread was lightly toasted and when combined with the melted cheese, left my tongue dancing for more. The patty was robust and made the entire union rich with taste and emotion. I kid you not, it was THAT good.

With my stomach well-nourished, I trudged on to Nui Hostel where I was putting up for the next 3 nights.

Located a short walk from Kuramae, I decided to kick off my trip at a hostel as I wanted to meet new people and make new friends. With apprehension, I pushed open the doors.

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I booked the 8-bed female room. Pardon the messy bed, I have never been much of clean freak oops.

Was initially looking forward to making new friends but oddly, the people there kept mostly to themselves. It was an eclectic mix of people I’d say. None the less, I kept to myself too. The overnight flight had left me exhausted.

I entertained myself by getting lost in Kuramae that night. Recalled a restaurant I wanted to try that was in the vicinity so I whipped out my phone to googlemaps it. Took me 1.5hrs to find my way there because well, got lost and distracted.

The strange thing is, sometimes I wonder if things happen for a reason. Because I met another Singaporean girl who was also travelling solo and we arranged to meet the next night.

Life works in strange ways sometimes.


Otafuku Oden serves well, oden. Oden is pretty much like a Japanese winter stew. The soup is light and you pick your ingredients from a big pot. Ingredients are daikon (my favourite!!!), octopus, tofu, fish paste, bamboo, etc.

It was well worth the long walk and I urge anyone in the vicinity to check it out. The food was so good I spent the entire time chewing and smiling because I was in delirious ecstasy.

I cannot speak a word of Japanese but that did not stop the Chef from trying to make conversation with me. Asking me where I was from, which parts of Japan I was planning to visit, if I was enjoying myself.

The entire place makes you feel like home, which is something I enjoy about dining in Japan. You never feel awkward or bored. Most places have people approaching to engage in a conversation with you.


By this time, I was getting a little drowsy.

Just a day, and already in love with Tokyo.

– e.s.


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