Do you believe in miracles? When was the last time you experienced one?

Spent some time musing over the last time I witnessed a miracle and I couldn’t put a finger to any recent ones.

But then I delved deeper and realised that it is true as how some people say, that miracles occur every day from the moment we open our eyes in the morning.

The safety of our loved ones, or the mere fact that we have a roof over our heads. These are simple acts of miracles as what life should be.



As my life of an undergraduate comes to an end, I have been considering to great lengths the necessary steps I need to take next to ensure a successful future.

It feels as though I am treading on water without any prior lessons on how to swim. At times these moments engulf me, and my thoughts like anchor pull me in deep.


Bobæ says I should not complicate things. That by keeping it simple, my thoughts will start falling into place.

3 months have passed since the start of 2015, and I am so afraid that in no time 3 years will just slip by.

There is nothing more terrifying than the realisation that as everyone advances forward in the race, I am still stuck here desperately searching for where it all begins.

Without my knowing, I’ve missed the starting pistol.


So my dear, where to now?


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