describe yourself:

I see myself as a conductor, not a bus conductor or a music conductor, no no. Like an electrical conductor.

I used to think about what my existence meant in this world, I struggled with it. I must be here for a reason, but what. I must be someone special.

But the truth is, we are not. I personally feel that we are all electrical conductors, all wired up together. Our existence alone will hold no meaning, no survival. But together, we can achieve greatness in life.

In that sense, it means that we are only important in this world because of other people’s existence. We are dependent, while holding independence.

So if I had to describe myself, it would be an electrical board.

I hope that in my lifetime, I will be able to connect and wire as many people together. Acting like a link, to build friendship, to chase the future, our goals, our dreams, for our happiness.

There is no need to harp on friendships, on people leaving. I was just merely the conductor guiding them onwards elsewhere. They were merely passing through. I believe so. I believe we all play a part.

My favourite word is electrifying. One day I hope someone begins my eulogy with the words, electrifying.

I hope I would have indeed led an electrifying life.


2 thoughts on “describe yourself:”

  1. Oh there’s indeed a purpose for being here…partly for the human experience..partly to raise the vibrations of this world.. Electrifying? Quite a good of way of describing the latter! Have an electrifying day! 😉


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