bitter things

i dyed my hair a shade of blue last winter.
fiery blue passion no one understood.
a mere representation of solemn,
of my heart’s sullen cry.

like the bombay sapphire
my bartender tossed each night.
shots after shots
spiralling endlessly in earnest.

lingering down the esophageus,
star bursting into microscopic galaxies.
scorching every touch.
burning off every trace of your memory.

spring passed,
and now summer has entered.
the blue has faded.
time weeds out the good and the bad of it all.

memories no longer appear as a comic strip line.
but juts out like an eyesore,
like dark clouds in a clear blue sky.
as if indecisive, only ever wanting the best of both worlds.

blue stains are unforgivable,
though in time all blurs and gets forgettable.
there is no reason for bitter.
though you carry as a blanket for its comfort.

when summer slips by, and
you’re holding the fort once more for the bitter cold nights.
the blue shines bright and this time
you embrace it like a starry night sky.

– e.s.


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