Isn’t it strange how most times inspiration comes late at night while the world is asleep.

Or during moments when you’re all cuddled up under the duvet and your mind goes,

ding dong!

Then comes the struggle between capturing that sudden thought or letting it slip into nothingness.

My parents tell me that I spend too much time thinking and being overly sensitive to the happenings of the world.

Over-thinking kills. And most times prove unnecessary.

I see it neither as a blessing nor a curse.

Just a gift bestowed upon me;

And when you are presented with such a gift (or talent) it does not mean you are highly favoured over others.

What it means is that you have something to give and to offer.

I see that as a blessing and sometimes, a curse.


1 thought on “Self-immolation”

  1. I can understand how you feel because i have the same gift( or a curse maybe). I do over-think as well and sometimes it is simple but my thoughts made them complicated. Like a friend told me,”Don’t analyse till paralyze.” Catch up soon Erina. #hugs


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