Tony Stewart’s QOTD

How often would you say you feel “alone” and how would you define “loneliness”? What does it feel like to you?

To answer your question I’ll break up into parts.

How often do I feel alone – for me, it’s pretty much most of the time. My mind exists like on another realm. But it’s not like a bad or negative thing. I do relish the thought of being alone and enjoy solitary moments on my own.

With regards to loneliness, I feel that it is an emotion that every human will feel. You cannot escape from it and neither should you be ashamed of it. Like happiness and sadness, you should not deny yourself the pleasure of feeling lonely.

Mostly it is because when you know sadness, you learn to search and appreciate happiness when it happens; as to when you know what it means to be lonely then can you truly appreciate the companion of another person.

To me, there are two kinds of loneliness. One where you are alone, the other where you are surrounded by people but the noise seemingly amplifies your loneliness.

Initially when I was younger, I sought comfort through people. Meaningless relationships, meaningless friendships, meaningless conversations. But then I decided that I never wanted to rely on anyone else to rid me of loneliness so I started venturing out on my own, and I’d say I’ve succeeded to a certain extent.

I guess to me, loneliness is part and parcel of life. Like how to grow a meadow of flowers you not only require sunlight but also water.

And also, how important it is to use the time while it rains on your meadow and you’re stuck at home (i.e. you could read a book, pick up knitting, learn a new skill) instead of lamenting about the rain and being all negative about it.

Like how fire can burn one but when used wisely will keep us warm; loneliness too can help push boundaries and help us ascend to be highly successful and happy individuals.



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