Ephemeral truths and eternal lies

Karma’s a bitch and if you are lucky, you get to see her works on the people who have done you injustice.

Or that was what I thought.

There was this guy I once dated, and when we parted it was particularly unpleasant.

Of course I gave him all my blessings, and wished him ill through all his years.

In time we reconciled with mutual understanding. To which I discovered a mess of wreckage he’d become.

It hit me then how the notion of “an eye for an eye” does no justice to alleviate the pain and sorrow of yesteryears, nor accentuate my worth over his misfortune.

In the end, there was nothing to gain or lose in this battle.

You taught me a lesson in love. She taught you one.

Tell me isn’t it tragic? To turn yourself inside out and have it all stolen without a sound.


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