On Parenting

Parents often feel that because they bring their child into the world, they have every right to control and make decisions on what they feel is “right for the child”.

And when the child slowly grows up, gain independence and begin making decisions on his own; parents feel a sense of loss and disappointment that their child rebels against their wishes when he attempts to lead a life of his own.

I personally feel that as parents (or adults), we do not have any right to dictate how our child should lead his life. As the moment we step into this world, we are all individuals with unique sets of taste and preference.

Our role as parents then are not to wield absolute authority against the child, but to act as a guidance tool that aids in unleashing his full potential for the world to marvel.

Sometimes I feel disappointed that I will never live up to be the person my parents want me to be.

Most times, I reinforce the fact that as only I am held accountable for my life; I will take ownership and live unabashedly by my own rules.


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