Tokyo, Japan – Nui Hostel & Tsukiji Fish Market

The previous night, Yi Fang recommended I visit Tsukiji Fish Market (Tsukiji Shijō) as I absolutely love sashimi.


But before I get started on day 3 in Japan, I want to share more about Nui Hostel as I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there.

20150622-181734.jpgNui Hostel (Pic grabbed off Nui Hostel)

Located at Kuramae, Nui Hostel caters to the backpackers of Japan. Despite that, I saw more than backpackers streaming in and out.

There were group of friends, couples, small group of families, and a handful of solo travellers like myself. These people were of different ethnicity and were mostly Koreans and Taiwanese, and also a handful of Caucasians and Japanese.

I was probably the only Singaporean there which made things pretty interesting.

20150622-181528.jpg(Pic grabbed off Nui Hostel)

20150629-054110.jpgFemale Dormitory where I put up. Check out my lone luggage.

Nui Hostel provides a number of rooms for different type of travellers. Being a budget solo traveller, I reserved the female dormitory where 8 girls could bunk in together.

I shared the room with other Japanese, Koreans and Taiwanese. They also provided other rooms like – mixed dormitories or private rooms, if you require more privacy.

The room was initially empty when I arrived. I was secretly happy yet a little disappointed. There was the joy of having the entire room to myself but I did come with the intention of making new friends.

Mixed feelings, or maybe it was the weariness from travelling.

20150629-055020.jpgShower Room

20150629-055257.jpgShower Room

20150629-055330.jpgShower Room selfie ;p

20150622-183758.jpgKitchen (Pic grabbed off Hostel World)

Facilities like the shower rooms, toilets and kitchen are open 24 hours and shared among everyone.

I have never backpacked nor stayed in a hostel but often hear friends’ horror stories of their stay during travels.

Based on that, I would say that Nui Hostel was reasonably comfortable for the price I paid, especially so in a country like Japan where food, accommodation and transportation are generally expensive.

20150622-184450.jpgCafe by day (Pic grabbed off 100tokyo)

20150622-184612.jpg(Pic grabbed off watanabe-ya)

What attracted me most to Nui Hostel was the fact that it is a Cafe by day and transforms into a Bar Lounge by night.

Travelling on my own, I thought putting up at a place where people flock in for dinner & drinks would open me to meeting new people and experiences.

Sadly, I lacked courage to interact with the people at the bar because it was mostly packed and noisy and overwhelmed me.

Maybe next time. 🙂

20150622-185250.jpgBar Lounge by night (Pic grabbed off Nui Hostel)

Nui Hostel might not be located at Central Tokyo but if you have plans to visit the North East area of Tokyo like Asakusa, Akihabara and Ueno; this is a lovely place to put up.

If not, you can also check out the bar lounge after nightfall because the atmosphere and ambience is pretty darn amazing.


Contented after my aromatic latte, off to Tsukiji Fish Market with an empty stomach.

Ready to conquer Tsukiji Shijō!

20150622-193913.jpgOff to Tsukiji!




Tsukiji Fish Market is a popular wholesale fish market that is widely visited by both locals and tourists all year round. Many tourists flock to Tsukiji to experience the vibrant sights and sounds, with some arriving as early as 4am!! in order to catch a glimpse of its popular Tuna Auction.

My initial plan was to arrive real early to catch the Tuna Auction but after accessing my current situation, decided against it as it would be too much of a hassle.


20150629-060341.jpgSO GOOD!!! (Y)

20150629-060524.jpgMajor regret not trying this oyster…

Strolling along Tsukiji felt a lot like a little girl being presented with her favourite sweets. I immediately burst into this huge grin that did not shake off long after I’d left the place.

There was a frenzy of activities happening all around me. No matter which street I turned on to, someone would be screaming their lungs out trying to grab my attention to enter their store.

People were buzzing about, some bartering with owners while others excitedly sharing the delicacy they’d just had. Friends stood huddled in corners, babbling in languages I could not comprehend.

The magnetism of Tsukiji drew me in so deep I spent several hours simply walking around getting lost and discovering new routes.




Tamagoyaki or “grilled egg”, is a type of Japanese omelette made by rolling together several layers of cooked egg. It has a very sweet and light taste and is an extremely popular dish.

Came across a shop that had a short queue and decided to get one (Singapore boleh!) since it was only ¥1,000.

What a great deal and it was absolutely worth it!!! The fragrant tamago was so soft and supple I devoured mine within minutes.

By this time, my stomach was warm and contented but I was determined to have a bowl of Chirashi-don as it is not everyday one stops by Tsukiji Shijō for fresh sashimi.

I had a list of restaurants to check out but being a googlemaps noob (what’s new?), I gave up and settled for one that looked pretty decent.

To be honest, you can pretty much walk into any random nondescript restaurant in Japan and still wind up with fresh and delicious cuisine. That is how high a quality Japanese place on their standard and presentation of food, and is evident in the way they lead their life.



I opted for the Lady’s Chirashi-don, and within a couple of minutes, was served a vibrant bowl of fresh sashimi from the day’s catch.

You know those Japanese food documentary where the woman place a slice of sashimi into her mouth and immedaitely burst out in orgasmic amazement while exclaiming out loud, “oishi!!!

Yep, that was pretty much how I felt and at that moment, could finally understand and relate the dramatic action of these women – because really, that was the only way one could truly display the heavenly taste erupting on the tongue.

So, this pretty much wraps up half of day 3 – sorry for wordy post!

Catch my next post on the other half of day 3 where I checked out 2 popular cafes and also my experience at Tokyo’s famous Robot Restaurant.

Meanwhile, you can catch up on the other 2 days here:

-> Japan Day 1 – Kuramae & Asakusa
-> Japan Day 2 – Senso-ji Temple & Yurakucho

– e.s.


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