BTS – Mouthful of love





Last week was a roller-coaster of ups and downs.

Kickstarted the week with 5 seconds of intense glory as I sauntered on stage to receive my academic degree.

The entire session was rather lacking but being able see the mates after weeks of absence did indeed make the heart grow fonder.

Then comes life throwing shit in your face determined to make a mockery out of it.

It is during moments like these that I repeatedly remind myself how in control we are of our own lives, and especially our minds and emotions.

Bounced back up within a day, and woke up to exciting opportunities set for the future.

Could not have ended the week any happier as we marked the end of a chapter in our lives.



Growing up sentimental taught me how to love with a hardened heart.

It is as of such reason that I look at relationships with skepticism.

Forever? How laughable. You can never find such a word in my dictionary.

With that said, there is the tendency of conflict between mind and heart. Rationality and sincerity run a parallel course with no actual destination.

Who knows what the future holds?

Well, I pray it holds each and everyone of you.

And till the moment we scatter like light rays refracting off in all directions, I bask in the glimmer of our beauty.



I often tell the people around me that I am most like a mirror.

Treat me well and I will prove my steadfast loyalty; misuse our trust and unbroken it becomes.

If my lack of belief in Forever is disappointing, then my unshakable conviction in Effort makes up for it.

Which is how I can never comprehend the words “drift apart”.

We are not unmanned boats free-drifting out at sea, condemned to lose our way.

Life is a choice, likewise for friendship albeit it takes two hands to clap.

And even we if all do “drift apart” one day, I am still thankful for the great (and not so great moments) we have shared.

Your sincerity, I heard it all.



With a mouthful of love,


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