Social Reflexivity

Reading has always been a medium I engage in when the going gets tough.

Ever since I was a kid, I constantly fled to the imaginative world in order to disassociate myself from reality.

My parents were astounded with my obsession for books and words. We never came from a family of writers and none had the flair or general interest in reading, much less writing.

For me, reading one book was never enough. There was an insatiable thirst that left me hungry for more when I flipped the page of the last chapter.

I desired to understand how a writer conceptualises his storyboard – what motivates him and if these are his personal experiences, or pure works of fiction he can only dream about.

Soon, reading as a temporary means of escapism was not enough. With an overload of data in me, I needed an outlet for my thoughts to be churned out.

In a way, by analysing my thoughts and putting it out in words, it became relevant information that made sense and provided insights to the complex feelings within me.

It was then how I kickstarted my first blog at age 14.

My best friend Gen K. assisted in creating an account for me. She saw what I wrote and was extremely supportive of it.


What initially started out as an outlet for venting frustrations and sadness (duh teen girl with an overload of hormones) soon branched out to contain midnight inspiration varying in topics of my interest.

I have never thought much of my voice to the world. And it was only recently that I’d discover what I am most passionate and obsessed about – human behaviour.

I am irrevocably in love with humans and as exceptionally disgusted with human behaviour. It is a very complex feeling I have yet to understand.

What that said, I hope the faithful readers who like what I’ve written thus far will come to understand the concept of my entire prose.

That in general, these thoughts I share are the human behaviours I observe and absorb (both myself and from others) and which form the basis of my content.

This is also the direction that I intend to focus on. As to how I will achieve it, I guess it’s as good a guess for me now.

Besides writing, I will also be creating my own art – something I have been meaning to do for the last couple of years.


Gen K. and I have kickstarted a new project and I hope to share with you guys once we conceptualise a more concrete plan and put it into action.

Thank you for reading my words. It heartens me to know that someone out there, anyone, understands a fraction of who I am and how I feel.

My life has begun to blossom. I hope to share this process with each and every one of you.


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